Social Media Manager

Engage with current and prospective customers on social media.

Effortlessly increase your social media activity.

Lift Local will create and post content on your social media pages. Social activity on sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, are indexed by Google and contribute towards better placement in search results.

Weekly Posts

Weekly posts provide another way for you to reach your target audience.

Custom Content

We use curated and custom content to engage your audience.

Brand Awareness

Social Media allows you to maximize your local reach and be seen by more people.

Social Feedback

Reviews on social media are important and influence your online rank.

Weekly engagement

Each week, we’ll post content that is industry and community related. Our customized content also focuses on generating referrals from current customers. Weekly posting can significantly grow your online presence and contribute to growth for your business

Choose your involvement

This service is totally hands-off and flexible. You can be as involved or uninvolved as you would like. We will track all analytics regarding your social pages and keep you informed and educated.

Facebook reviews matter

It is important to build your online presence throughout the internet. We will create campaigns that direct your customers to leave positive reviews on Facebook. Facebook reviews will increase conversions of visitors to your Facebook page and will improve your position in search results.